The problem

Car washes and general vehicle cleaning services often use a variety of products:

  • shampoos,
  • varnishes,
  • polishes,
  • waxes,
  • window cleaners,
  • saloon cleaners,
  • motor cleaners and others.

Some hazardous substances may not be avoidable in car care products; for example even the most advanced products may still contain some irritating substances. Therefore, it is also important to ensure that car care products are used safely. This includes wearing gloves and eye protection, to avoid spraying of products and to apply products which are rinsed off with water only in places, where the resulting waste water is collected and treated, preferably car washing stations.

From the chemical hazardousness point of view, most problems may arise not to the end users of the service (clients) but rather to the employees of these washes due to regular exposure to various chemicals. Various solvents, fragrances and surfactants can be noted to be avoided both due to occupational safety and environmental health perspective.

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