The problem

Hair and beauty care products are meant to improve one’s looks and care for hair and skin. At the same time, products used in this line of work, especially in professional saloons, can be:

  • allergic,
  • irritating to skin, eyes and respiratory system,
  • cause specific health conditions if applied regularly or to more sensitive people.

This can show up on customers of beauty saloons if a product to which particular person is allergic to is applied, but most frequently health effects manifest only after prolonged exposure to various components of professional hair care products – meaning that the professionals working with them frequently develop specific occupational illnesses. This can be minimised by knowing how to correctly read the ingredient lists on products, which ingredients to avoid, what possible health effects they can pose and how to evaluate alternatives.


Do you want to know which hazardous ingredients can be found in professional cosmetics? Maybe HANDBOOK FOR HAIRDRESSERS can answer to your questions.*

* the handbook was created under the project “Baltic Info Campaign on Hazardous Substances” (LIFE 10 INF/EE/108)

More information coming soon!