Information materials

In order to make people interested in ingredients of products they use every day and help them to choose safer alternatives, we made various information materials. You are free to download them and use it for non-commercial purposes. If you want printed copies, please contact us!

NonHazCity – a flagship project of the Baltic Sea Region

Three years of NonHazCity – about findings, results and recommendations

Available in English


Screening and Analyses

Hazardous substance occurrence in Baltic Sea pilot municipalities

Available in English

Hazardous Substances in Articles and Materials

Available in English


Hazardous substance reduction through phase out of old articles and materials in pre-schools

Available in English

Exposure of Gdansk inhabitants to selected endocrine disruptors as part of the “NonHazCity” project

Available in English

Indoor pollutants in dust from NonHazCity pilot families in Stockholm

Available in English

Hazardous Substance Reduction in Municipalities, Businesses & Household

Hazardous substance reduction potentials in Baltic cities

Available in English

Baltic Cities’ Chemical Action Plans

Chemical Action Plan Summaries

Available in English

Hazardous substance reduction potentials at local businesses

Available in English

Hazardous substance reduction potentials in private households

Available in English


Policy Paper – Enhance Substitution And Support Better Chemicals Risk Management

Reflection of the discussions at the international seminar: “Encourage And Support Enterprises To Minimise The Use Of Hazardous Substances” on October 23-24, 2018 in Riga, Latvia

Available in English

The NonHazCity Project – Overview of the inhabitants’ campaigns in the cities and the most successful campaign elements

Available in English


Final evaluation report:
Evaluating the effectiveness of four campaigns in the BaltInfoHaz project.

Available in English


Testing report:
Report on hazardous substances in blood, dust, products and indoor air in Lithuania, Estonia and Latvia. Testings were organized in 2013-2015.

Available in English; Lithuanian; Latvian; Estonian


Laymans report:

Available in English, Estonian, Latvian, Lithuanian



Brochure about hazardous substances in food contact material – No Witchcraft in the Kitchen : Detoxify the Kitchen and protect Food from Poisons

Available in English

Brochure about Chemicals in Plastic : A danger to humans and the ocean

Available in English


Brochure about endocrine disrupting chemicals:

Available in LithuanianLatvianEstonianEnglish


Brochure II about endocrine disrupting chemicals:

Available in English



Pocket guides:
About cosmetics (LTLVESTRUBY)*;
About toys (LTLVESTRU)*;
About baby care products (LTLVESTRUBY)*;
About construction materials (LTLVESTRUBY)*;
About household chemicals (LTLVESTRUBY)*;
About endocrine disrupting chemicals (LTLVESTRUBY)*.

Brochure about hazardous substances in building materials:

Available in LatvianEstonian

Brochure about choosing safer products:

Available in LatvianEstonian


Brochure “A million reasons to know about hazardous substances”

Available in English, Estonian, LithuanianLatvianBelorussian



Guide for chemical smart procurement

Available in English

Guidelines for Toxin Free Preschool

Available in  English


Teacher’s guide:
Helps to teach students about hazardous substances

Available in English, Estonian, Latvian


Guidelines for hairdressers and clients:

Available in Estonian, Latvian


Hazardous chemicals in car care products (everyday users):

Available in Estonian, Latvian


Handbook for shop-assistants:

Available only in Latvian


Hazardous chemicals in everyday products – we have the right to know!

Available in English, Lithuanian, Latvian, Estonian


* Information materials have been developed in the frame of the project “Baltic Info Campaign on Hazardous Substances” (LIFE 10 INF/EE/108) and co-financed with the contribution of the LIFE+ financial instrument of the European Community.