Here you can find promotional material for the NonHazCity project such as posters, flyers and roll-ups.


NonHazCity project posters (ENGESTLVLTDEPLSV)

Street posters:

About cosmetics (LTEST)*;
About toys (LTEST)*;
About household chemicals (LTLVEST)*;
About children care products (LVEST)*;
About car care products (EST)*;
About building materials (EST)*.


“Invisible. Dangerous. Avoidable” about means of making children room safer. Available only in Lithuanian*
About means of making children room safer.  Latvian version*
About means of making children room safer. Estonian version*
About indoor air testings. Available only in Latvian*


About the initiative “Think before you buy” (LTEST)*;
About hazardous substances (LT)*;
About cosmetics (EST)*;
About safer children room (EST)*;
About human exposure to hazardous substances (EST)*.

NonHazCity  project roll-ups (ENGESTLVLTDEPLSV)

Info-graphs (visual representation):

About cosmetics (LTLV)*;
About household chemicals (LTLV)*;
About toys (LTLV)*.

*Information materials have been developed in the frame of the project “Baltic Info Campaign on Hazardous Substances” (LIFE 10 INF/EE/108) and co-financed with the contribution of the LIFE+ financial instrument of the European Community.