Gdańsk – the city on detox!

Once upon a time…no, no, no. The campaign started in Poland precisely on World Water Day, which is on the 22nd of March. It was the start of changes, the start of new habits and the start of real concern for the environment. The start of the city on detox!

At first it was decided to educate the youngest. The workshop on how to prepare ecological cleaning products and air freshener using vinegar, backing soda, citric acid and natural aroma oils was the best choice for the start.

Additionally, something for a bigger audience was prepared. It was a special web-application to help inhabitants to determine their detox type. As a result, people could find out whether they are:

  • label masters – almost educated;
  • good in theory – good knowledge which unfortunately isn’t used in everyday life;
  • sensitive –  does observe ingredients but doesn’t know how those could influence our bodies;
  • beginner – no knowledge, no attention;
  • narcissist – pays attention only to the positive promises of the product.

Check out your detox type here: (hope you are good in Polish!)

This was only a beginning! No campaign can be successful without a good spokesperson. So, it was though who is well-known in Poland and whose work and activities are in line with the campaign’s main idea. Of course Katarzyna Bosacka who is a famous press and TV journalist in Poland. She has her own TV show called “I know what I eat, I know what I buy” in which she focuses on substances in food but also pays attention to products quality. And she said yes!

That wasn’t still it. The event season started. The first campaign stand with a slogan: “City on detox” was opened at a cyclic event “Run to springs”. People had a chance to ask more about hazardous substances, as well as to participate in the topical workshops. Katarzyna Bosacka was there as well.

Then there was time for municipal family picnic “Komunalnik festival” where education was combined with fun. The campaign team was presenting self made ecological cleaning products and air fresheners.

After creating a lot of interest in the topic, recruitment of pilot households started. As a result 9 volunteer households from Gdańsk were chosen to participate in a campaign “Test your household”. The aim of it is to explore which hazardous substances could be found from households by making inventory of used articles and products.

On 11th of September a press conference was organised in Gdańsk. Project experts, spokesperson of the campaign together with a deputy mayor of the city presented the campaign and its participants. Later in September household visits were made to check what is the real situation with cleaning agents, cosmetics, plastic containers and toys.

After the volunteers were verified, it was time to change everyday habits. First month was dedicated to natural cleaning agents. In order to encourage the volunteers to prepare such products themselves, a workshop was organised for them. And later on, in the next month, it was time for natural cosmetics, time for another workshop. Work continues in social media…